Austin Light Rail Project Rejected By Voters

Traffic problems in Austin always have been an issue that cannot be solved from one to another. However, there are ways in which it can be improved. One of the main problems is that the number of citizens is rising and Austin is an average medium sized city. Other problem is that people need to travel a long distance to study or work, and they travel by car. There is clearly a continuous grow that needs to be accommodated with the size and feel of the city.

In 2014 voters rejected a $1.4 billion project in order to build a new rail system in the Austin Light Rail linking downtown, the University of Texas, The state Capitol and other areas. Meanwhile, the streets are jammed and Austin has become the fourth worst traffic city in the United States, and its citizens are not happy.

City officials stated that they will use computers to control the flow of traffic and that they will encourage bicycle use. On the other hands, citizens state that nobody uses the current bike lanes and that companies should organized a method to transport their employees. Stopping skyscraper buildings and restricting the traffic of truck to certain hours was also some suggestions from different citizens of Austin.

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